Ultrasoon reinigen

Ultrasoon reinigen


Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective cleaning method.

Ultrasonic cleaning ensures complete cleaning of contaminated components

Components before and after ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning uses a reservoir in which contaminated components can be placed. These contaminated components are
technically cleaned by sound waves . Ultrasonic means frequencies that are above the human hearing threshold of approx. 18 kHz. The frequencies used are between 20 kHz and 150 kHz. For most cleaning applications, a frequency of between 20 kHz and 50 kHz is usually sufficient. This energy provides a cleaning deep into the pores without scratches.

Why ultrasonic cleaning?

This type of cleaning is very suitable for parts that must not be damaged. Because the liquid is dispersed by sound waves, no use has to be made of materials with a solid structure that may leave scratches or minor damage. Because the liquid can go anywhere in between, you reach every corner and hole that you can not reach manually. Ultrasonic cleaning is therefore very suitable for cleaning objects with many corners, edges and holes. This costs a lot of time by hand. With this form of cleaning, the shape of the product does not affect the duration of the cleaning.

Maximizing the ultrasonic cleaning process

The effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning process depends on a number of process parameters. In addition to the choice of frequency, these include time, temperature and detergent.


Temperature is the most important parameter to maximize the intensity of cavitation, because many fluid properties depend on it. For example, a change in the liquid temperature indicates a change in viscosity, in liquid pressure and in the solubility of gas in liquid.


The viscosity of the cleaning liquid should be minimal in order to generate optimal cavitation. Viscous liquids do not react quickly enough when generating cavitation and implosions.

More information about ultrasonic cleaning?

For more information and / or implementation of the ultrasonic cleaning process you can contact one of our advisors without any obligation .